Gatsby.js, React and GraphQL for documentation websites

The origin of Gastby.js


    First Contentful Paint: 1,410 ms
    Speed Index: 1,410 ms
    Time to Interactive: 1,430 ms
    First Meaningful Paint: 1,410 ms
    First CPU Idle: 1,410 ms
    Estimated Input Latency: 13 ms
    First Contentful Paint: 990 ms
    Speed Index: 990 ms
    Time to Interactive: 2,590 ms
    First Meaningful Paint: 1,010 ms
    First CPU Idle: 2,480 ms
    Estimated Input Latency: 25 ms
    First Contentful Paint: 970 ms
    Speed Index: 2,880 ms
    Time to Interactive: 4,810 ms **
    First Meaningful Paint: 970 ms
    First CPU Idle: 3,400 ms
    Estimated Input Latency: 75 ms


The future of Gastby.js

  • Build time: Gatsby being focused on performance, it is not among the fastest engines in term of content generation. The team has engaged multiple initiatives to optimize the build process. Incremental builds are other functionalities expected in the future.
  • Internationalization: There is no current official ways of doing Internationalisation and users have to build their own. Works are anticipated to determine whether or not this is the responsibility of Gatsby to handle such use cases and what are the best practices for doing it.
  • Accessibility: It has been a main focus in the past, providing the basics such as running the JSX accessibility plugin in the ESLint configuration. In the future, they hope to increase the support for accessibility as for example by finding a proper solution indicating navigation changes to users using a screen reader.



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